Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Up in the Air

Shawn (the framer) and his crew did such a good job on the exterior that we decided to keep him around to fix some past termite damage (ick) in the guest bath and install a tray ceiling in the living room. Our ceilings are 8', and while they don't really bother us given the large size of the rooms, higher ceilings seem to always be preferred.

We weren't initially into the idea of the tray because it's usually capped off by more moldings (not a fan of those) and really has little to do with modern, but my Dad had the idea to add a twist on it by installing the tray with a simple flat piece of molding, and hide bands of lighting behind it to illuminate upwards. That got a big yes.

Ceiling already entirely gone by lunchtime...

And fully framed in by end of day!
Not to discount our painter Chris with Color Coat who was also hard at work today. He specializes in prep work, which we really need as we are keeping the existing windows (budget!)

They are in desperate need of a very careful and patient sander... and with the amount we have to sand, Chris will probably still be sanding into October :) We're very happy to have him on board.

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