Sunday, September 11, 2011

Demo + Design

We made good progress on 2 fronts this weekend - demo and design! Below are some pics of where Dad, Larry, and Mike got on demolition of the master bath and the kitchen on Sunday.

Dad starts in the kitchen

The linoleum was super adhered to the floor — making it very hard to remove.
They devised a dual shoveling system.

Larry's work in the master bath

Almost finished except for getting these walls down
In part thanks to his efficient dumpster helper!

On the design side, we also met with our girl Brandy at Carolina Tile Collection (she's awesome!) and picked out a bunch of fun stuff. This seems like a lot of progress in a short amount of time but we were ready when we went in, I'd been pulling tears for years and we had a pretty strong vision for what we wanted. It definitely helped, that place is overwhelming...!

MASTER – Calcutta gold marble for the vanity tops, polished white composite tile
for the floors (will wear better than marble, which will show damage from heels, eek!),
and Mike's favorite pebbles for the shower floor...)

No plans yet for the vanities besides the inspiration shown...

GUEST BATH – subtle shimmery gray tile for the floors and shower walls,
shiny gray tile for the shower floor, and plans for a vessel sink in stainless over
an industrial looking vanity to bring it all together.
KITCHEN – Arrebescata marble on the kitchen island to match our Saarinen tabletop
in the adjoining breakfast area, dark gray quartz for the other counters, a glass backsplash,
and wood cabinets (color TBD)

It was a busy, busy weekend but feels great to have some progress. Up next week, construction outside work to remove the traditional gable on the front, and then moving onto exterior paint and a new roof...

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