Saturday, October 29, 2011

Floating vanities

There are some things you just never think about until you see do you prefer a vanity that sits on the floor, like most of them do?

I love the contemporary look of these floating vanities in the bathrooms but hadn't noticed them anywhere until we started paying close attention. We were inspired by these pulls when deciding on what to do our master bath vanity, and decided to make our vanity "floating". I put "floating" in quotes because with a vanity of this size, to have the wall support the whole thing is a risk, therefore our base will just be very set back to it appears to be floating.

Another thing you really start to think about when building these things are drawers. To me, the bottom picture there is much more modern looking than the top because it has more drawers instead of the cabinets, and all the handles line up nicely in just a few horizontal planes. Would I have ever noticed this before? No. But now that I have....  So I can't figure out how these people can have usable drawers with their plumbing taking up space underneath, but my plumber is currently trying to figure that out. You know, so we can take their great idea :)

In the guest bath, the plan was to put the stainless vessel sink we ordered on a more traditional vanity table, again just going with what I knew, until I found these pictures this week:

Sold! Luckily the cabinet maker hadn't started on this yet and we redirected the concept to a floating sink vanity. We're going with something in wood similar to the bottom picture, but without the backsplash. I'm hoping it will look great with the stainless vessel on top and the exposed plumbing underneath.

So then again, in thinking of the plumbing underneath... yep, there are options available there, too. Who knew? Once I noticed that the P-Trap looked cleaner and sleeker in the top photo here, we went searching online and found it from Kohler:

It's been a week of learning about bathrooms, not coincidentally, with all the construction progress we made on these two bathrooms as well. Will send pictures soon...

Happy weekend to everyone!

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