Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inside Job

Well we got close to a foot of snow here in Charlotte last week so construction remains at a standstill. 

In the meantime, I can't help but be addicted to Pinterest and dream of a finished project. It's really torturous because we're a long way off from furnishing the interior of the new garage, since we are doing this in phases and that phase isn't happening yet — but I do it anyway!

These are all pulls of what we're hoping the upstairs will eventually feel like. The purpose of the room will be a "movie watching / music playing" room, occasionally housing guests. Talking about wearing a lot of hats!

Love the cozy vibes of these rooms:

Some additional features we'd like to incorporate in our room:
A cozy reading nook: a good reading chair goes upscale – Eames
A great desk nook: in case either Mike or me needs to work from home
Incorporating Mike's guitars is a good design challenge –
this is the guitar room of one of the Dixie Chicks
And another playing space
Will create a space for Mike's vinyl collection
And here are some pieces I've had my eye on already:
This is the current leading sleeper sectional conteder, found at Room and Board—
The Oxford Custom Platform Pop-Up Sleeper Sofa
We wanted something that pulled out to a Queen, not a Double..
This wardrobe would be a nice way to address a guest's clothing without taking up wall space for a closet.
This would double for other storage.
Love these mid-century modern chairs...
And the cozy vibe of this chair (by Mitchell Gold + Bob WIlliams)
A great coatrack is always useful —
we have only a very small space for coats at the downstairs entrance

And a classic Nelson clock always spices things up!
We're going to have vaulted ceilings like this (well, not THIS vaulted, but still)...
...wouldn't a great statement chandelier look awesome? 
I could go on for days about lights, but here's a couple only for now:
This one, the Etched Steel web pendant by Tom Dixon
Will look for some great little occasional tables in metallics to open up the space
Here's another set. Again, inexpensive and from West Elm
This may be the most beautiful bookshelf I've ever seen by Architect Victor Vasilev—
Wishful thinking that this may one day be mine!
We'll add a lot of floor pillows for guests, and poufs like this one...
Or this one from Jonathan Adler
Love this little console table —
I see something like this at the top of the stairs with a mirror over it
Baskets with storage for throws and pillows
And of course a bar cart — shouldn't every room have one of these?!
Last but not least — a sculpture by Curtis Jere —
While we do have one in the house, this is a perfect opportunity for a little extra sparkle!

It might be all that snow that inspired the "ski chalet chic" look of half of these photos, I'm now realizing... Will I feel differently in the summer?

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