Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who would have thought....(Chimney Caps)

Has anyone ever noticed chimney caps before? I'm impressed if so, because, admittedly, not me. I suppose I just sort of thought they were all the same!

Well in light of fall coming soon and a desire to check out the functionality of our fireplaces, we had someone come evaluate the situation. Turns out we need a new chimney cap.

So now of course this has turned into another one of those things where, once you are presented with making a choice, you suddenly "have" to go down the path of good design :) And this about something you didn't even notice before!

In researching modern chimney caps, Mike found the following photos which really showed me the possibilities:

Clean solid metal piece
And a third
"Lines" of metal
And a different take with the top piece added on

I thought those "lines" as seen above would look great on our house with
its' long horizontal shape and horizontals on the windows
And decided stainless was the finish that would work best
with the other hardware we have going on
Sold! Now where to get...

We called a couple of local places, and no success. So we found the source of one of these photos, a guy out of Chicago, of course called the Chimney King – he had a style similar to the one we liked in his arsenal, but each cap is built custom. Which is good, with our house being a ranch style, we don't need anything nearly as tall as some of the ones in the photos.

We've started down the road with this guy on plans, and it's not "as bad" as we thought so far in the quoting process.

Updates to come!

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