Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day before floors!

As we start hardwood floors...we have no idea what color we're doing. Yep, really, but we should hopefully be able to choose this on our lunch breaks tomorrow. Minor decision to leave till the last minute ;)

It's been a big week for sure. Visuals below:
Slate tile went down in the entryway from the backdoor to the kitchen. This obvi looked a lot better before we walked all over it!

The space you see off to the left there is a powder room that will stay unfinished for a little while longer as we're down to the wire on time. We're also waiting on a new backdoor, which will arrive sometime in January.

The under cabinet lighting went in – both bar and kitchen

The guest bath shower got its frameless 3/8" glass. Love the simple knob I debated over. There's a lot of other metal already going on in this bathroom with the sink.

The same Statuary marble went on the kitchen island, and perimeter countertops as well in Grey Expo silestone!

I don't have a full picture but you can see here the faucet went in. The stainless steel vessel sink goes under that.
The mirror will actually get mounted behind the faucet [soon].

The master bath got its tub trim. Still awaiting its frameless glass which will fit between the tub and the shower.
On the right side of the master bath, we got the statuary marble top, and a toilet. Still awaiting the faucets and pulls...

...(ordered these simple flat Euro tabs that go over the top of the drawer)
Oh and we have a sink... with what not our dream faucet, we've come to realize, but it will be our faucet for now

{I do love the sink though!}

Our hood and new induction cooktop are in (well the hood core is in, the shroud still to go on). We went with induction mainly because it had the look I want, combined with the cooking technology Mike wanted. Beautiful compromise!
The front door got three coats of Sickens stain, and I think it works super well.
Debated going a little darker, but as we can always go darker, but not lighter, we stopped for now

The frosted-back sidelite glass was installed, annnd....
Door is finished!! I love it every bit as much as I thought I would. Maybe to the point of obsession!

[Next up — replacing the tile you see there on the floor - we're looking for a large sheet of slate]

Dark, but you get the idea. And for all the people who told me the mail slot was placed too low
for USPS to deliver through, I must have a good mailman because I'm getting mail!
I hear my sister and her husband gave us these low Japanese maples that got planted flanking the stairs
{and will eventually get uplit}. Another early Xmas present!
This weekend Dad, Mike and I {all got a late start after big nights out} But then we hung the TV mount and tested it out. Those two also installed the remaining speakers in the kitchen.
I swept dust up from the whole house (my usual, here's hoping it's the last weekend since the floors are going in now!) and packed up everything that previously was on the floor to get them all cleaned off for tomorrow!

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