Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen Cont'd

It's hard to believe that we have owned this house for less than 2 weeks and we have made so much progress...

Today my Dad, Mike, and Larry spent about 3 hours fast yet furiously attacking what was left of the kitchen floor and trim.

Here are the photos of the original kitchen:

And here's where we are now – at "clean slate" level:

More to come soon as we start to build back!

....................................... +

In positive exterior news, the house is looking a lot cleaner overall after the Bobcat guy was done clearing out bushes.

Before the clear-out:

And now:

Up this week — choosing exterior paint colors, gutter, and roof colors. And then — my sister's wedding, which has nothing to do with the house except that we will finally be taking a bit of a break!

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