Monday, September 12, 2011

Exterior Begins

We've been working with an architect we know, Josh Allison, to bring the mid-century modern feel we wanted to the exterior of our house. What initially drew us to the house was the atomic ranch style so indicative of this period — it was a bit of a nod to Eichler houses and some of the things we loved about architecture often seen in California. But we felt the existing traditional gable looked out of place on the house (see first post for "before" pics). Josh's vision to extend the hip roof in its place is below:

Our framer Shawn and his crew started the work today:

Mike's drive-by shot at lunchtime
A good bit of progress by the end of the day

Shawn will finish the framing work tomorrow. Now my Dad is hot on our heels to get the roofer chosen...this wouldn't be such a hard task if a series of strange hail storms hadn't hit the southeast recently — and all the roofers seem busy filling insurance claims. We have probably called 12-15 roofers and have 3-4 that actually have had the time to complete the quoting process for us.

We'll try to make a decision this week despite the small pool from which to choose.

We did pick up shingle and gutter color samples today, so we can make sure they work with the paint scheme we have chosen for the exterior. More on that later in the week...

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