Sunday, September 11, 2011

And we're off ... Demo day!

Saturday was demo day - really exciting after searching for a house for a year now and this being our only progress to show for it! Dad and Larry started ripping out the guest bath which was full, full of bad tile - pink blue pastels with a wave pattern. Mike joined them in the afternoon to help.

At the same time Hi Tree Service (great guy, Norm, for anyone in the Charlotte area) was there taking out 3 pines in our backyard (a concern with storms here in the South) and some limbs off this big tree in the front that were hanging over the house. Our first bit of bad news - the big tree in the front has some rot and we'll likely have to completely remove it. For now, it's here....

Larry and Dad doing the demo in the guest bath
By the end of the day...some really good progress!
Dad, Norm, and Mike looking at the sick tree in the front
3 pines going down in the back yard

Kind of a warzone!

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