Monday, June 24, 2013

Backyard Party Time

It's nice to finally have a yard to celebrate in, and our first backyard party went really well! We did dinner for 16 on our new passed dishes, mostly ready ahead of time, so not a lot of stress during party time. The first of many of these we hope!

These are the only pictures I have before I overserved myself, so there you have it :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Deck Week

Deck week has been pretty exciting!

We've had the deck itch for a while and found a great builder in Jeff Waldron from Charlotte Decks and Porches.

We wanted a low platform deck, with clean lines and no embellishment. This fits well with the low, wide shape of our ranch house and adds to the mid-century vibe. Here are a few decks we drew inspiration from:

Our deck vision came to life in this drawing from Paragon Landscape:

Initial design model showing the deck  

And off we went!~
First step: lay the footings
Second step: the frame
...Continued frame...
...Laying the deck boards on top – before they get screwed down...
... and the final product:

The finished deck!!
(before stain)
Note: the new grasses Mike planted on the left corner of the screen porch! We love the vibe and want to put more in the yard. Something for another day...