Sunday, September 18, 2011

Naked Yard + More

Friday, we hired a guy off Craig's List (Brian) to bring over his Bobcat and basically take everything out of our front and side yard. It's too early for landscaping time (which is why our back yard remains a total and complete mess of old bushes and trees) however the bushes around the house were a priority because they were impeding the progress of Chris the painter. So out they went!

He was almost done in a matter of 3 hours

With just these wooly mammoth bushes left to go!

And Saturday we had more progress: While I couldn't be at the house, Dad and Larry got the old wrought iron columns off the front porch and got all the beds out of the front yard (including the lines of bricks framing each bed - totalling...hundreds) ... and Mike got the entire screen porch ripped out on his own.
Wrought iron columns coming down...

And a more open front porch afterwards — (new accessories still under consideration)...
Screen porch: before...
(and another big bush before the Bobcat got it)

And screen porch (and bush) — gone! Will be replaced with a new screen porch design soon.
(If anyone has any suggestions for the new wood pattern, please let us know)

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