Monday, February 10, 2014

Waiting Game

Happy Monday everyone...

Not too much to report on our garage project in terms of progress. We're playing the waiting game with needing drying time for the new concrete added in with 2 waves of snow (in the South?!)

So I've been trying to get ahead with shopping and planning in the meantime, and think I've finalized the lighting for the exterior.

This is the last picture I took outside.
(Reminds me I need call Duke Energy and see where they are with
coming to bury that power line that's running across this photo!)
Originally the vision was for 2 sconces on either side of the large door. Once that hole got cut for the door, I realized the space on either side of it was too slim to hold those well. The door had already been ordered, so onto plan B...

I found this picture on Pinterest (my favorite site, of course) and it oddly looked very similar to the door we were having made. I can't see their lighting super-well, but liked the idea of light washing over the door from above.

So taking cues from this mystery house, we decided to go with angled sign lights above our door. They are typically seen in commercial spaces, and work well with the corrugated siding that we'll have. Here are a few pics of sign lights:

We plan to run 3 sign lights across the front of the garage, evenly spaced over the door.

After buying one of these that was not the quality we were hoping for, I stumbled across Barn Light Electric. They have just about every kind of these style lights you could ever ask for, and each is custom made upon ordering, so the level of quality seems good. The one we chose, below comes in dozens of projections and angles, and lots of color choices.

Fire Chief Angle Sign Light with a "G24" Gooseneck Arm
The one I chose will have this neck shape, but will be in Metallic Silver.
Can't wait to get this in the mail and test it out!
For the side door, I found a little sconce at YLighting that will illuminate the entry. They have great pieces if you are looking for lighting with a contemporary twist, and a great sister site called YLiving for the same with furnishings.

Rubix Sconce  5" Outdoor Wall Light.
Got this in already and it looks great in person.
That's about all to report for now. Next up on construction should be the garage door staining and installation. Can't wait!

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