Saturday, February 1, 2014


We are cemented!
The driveway went in last week, as expected. Here's the day going down:
Cement truck arrives...
They start in the back – putting down the sidewalk that runs
alongside the garage 
By about noon they were out to the larger driveway space
outside the back door
As each large section went down it got smoothed out...
...all the way down to the front of the house 
We paved over the sidewalk as planned in the previous post
After all the concrete was laid, they went back and really
fine-tuned the finishing by hand, as well as cut v-joints at 10 ft pads.
We went with v-joints as opposed to saw-cut joints which
appear more minimal (a plus) but aren't as deep therefore may not
block all stress and cracking (a bigger minus!).
Before and after:
You can see the difference that the hand-finishing made.
It was really interesting to watch – truly an art form.
These guys were really detailed – after the hand-finishing,
they went back and did a picture frame edging – thinner between pads
and a thicker edge frame. If you drive around, you don't see much of
this kind of finish work, and I was very pleased with the level of detail
of these sub-contractors – Thomas Concrete in Charlotte, NC,
if anyone is shopping!
Here is the finished pour in the front – although color not quite accurate.
Despite the deep tinted color, we were told it would dry a good bit lighter.
The finished pour in the back 
And 24 hours later the snow!
(We were told it wouldn't hurt it.)
And here was the front today fully dry – you can see it did dry a fair amount
lighter – it's a lovely pewter color that matches our roof. For color comparison,
our neighbors to the left in this photo just got a new driveway as well,
and there's is the regular untinted color. In about a month we will seal our
drive which is an extra step but ensures to lock in the color that we strove for.
The driveway was really fun despite being a total mess. Pretty sure that's the last time I'll do that – at least for a long time. After all, nothing says permanence like 35 yards of cement.

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