Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Virtual World

How fun is this?

A virtual tour from the landscape designer who we asked to put together a plan for our backyard. {Jason from Paragon Landscape in Charlotte}

More on what we'll ACTUALLY do later, but love to have something to muse on/take slowly/give ideas :)

Full video can be viewed here, or selected stills below.

Note the red Ferrari he also inserted in the plan, ha!

New screen porch in the background

Plan for the deck we want, and surrounding concrete pavers that we like

View back to the cars/garage

And up to another patio area in the distance. We are hoping
to have a second area in which to entertain.


Another birdseye of the new patio area

From the corner of the driveway

Night view of the (virtual) firepit

View of the patio from the deck

Love my new imaginary friends~
Looking down the patio to the rest of the yard, which is left natural

Note the new virtual dog!

Looking back from the natural area to the patio and garage

And...say goodbye!

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