Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shop: Atlanta

Mike and I had to be in Atlanta last weekend and it was a great excuse to take Friday off and get down there early shop! One of the two of us *may* have been more excited than the other :)

Most of the showrooms I wanted to go to were around the Howell Mill Road area. We started out at Jonathan Adler with the intent of checking out a sofa I'd honed in on online.

 I'm not a huge Jonathan Adler fan - people say he's "modern" but it's more of a pop/kitch modern to me. Not really into humor with my decor. But I've been searching for a sofa for our living room/music room for a l-o-o-o-o-ng time - both on my own and with 2 decorators. Mike and I wanted something not too formal, but with a luxe touch to it. It's a hard balance to find.

Eventually we ran across the Topanga sofa from JA:

Topanga Sofa from Jonathan Adler
The name struck a California chord, of course, but it was really the silhouette that sold us

The fabric we were interested in "Brussels Charcoal" velvet,
which is shown here but on a different style sofa
 We visited the JA store to see the Brussels Charcoal velvet in person and really liked how it looked. So excited to finally buy a sofa for the LR!

(Update: Today, after purchasing, I found out that of course this ONE specific material is currently taking 14-16 weeks to deliver, which seems to be the story of our furniture life...Oh well...)

After JA, we hit Switch Modern across the street, which is a favorite. We usually shop them online but have been in the store the last 2x we were in Atlanta. Didn't see anything there this time but it's definitely a good one to keep checking...

Next up, was Room & Board, also nearby:

We have been eyeing this polyethylene contemporary version of an adirondack chair from R&B for a while.
It happens to come in the perfect gray to match the exterior of our house!

And don't I wish I could have crammed 4 of these into my car. The chairs may be $399 each but the shipping
on these suckers is $229 - eesh! Alas it was only a showroom, so no luck there...
After 2 more uneventful stops, the last stop of the day (and Mike was still going at this point, so impressed!) was at a vintage store called City Issue over in the Old Fourth Ward area of town. This place was SO AMAZING! They had a better mid-century spread than I've seen anywhere – well, besides Palm Springs. Too much to even go into, but suffice to say I'd make the trip back in a snap just for this place!

We immediately spotted a brass sculpture by Curtis Jere upon entering. I've written about these before, and have really wanted one over our bed for a while. This one is signed and from 1969 which is one of his earlier pieces – the shape is just what I was looking for and the size is perfect for over our bed - it covers about 2/3 the width of a queen across.

1969 Curtis Jere Sculpture that came home with us! This is sitting
on the floor atop the shag carpet sample we were testing out.
I can 't decide if we should try and refinish the brass. It has some wear to it but that's part of what I love about it - most of everything else we have is so clean and new that it's a good contrast. 

It's getting hung this weekend, I'll post pics soon!

Oh and just for fun - what I wanted and didn't get was this:

Also Curtis Jere from the 70s...

Is it a sculpture or is it a light? both aspects!!

What it was *not* however was a "necessity" – well, especially in my husband's mind :) Haha.
I think this piece is to-die-for though and could be a great fit in my living room. It's admittedly a little too-early-to-tell what finishing touches are needed in there, so I'm hoping we revisit it!

Happy-almost-Friday to everyone...

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