Sunday, February 3, 2013

Screen Porch Cont'd

The screen porch is shuffling along! The next step after framing was painting. We called in some help on that one (ironically, not a bone in my body enjoys house-painting even though I fine-art painted for half my life). We have had some crappy cold weather here in the South so it's taken a couple of weeks to get the painting completed.

In-progress painting – we went with Ben Moore "Cinder"
to match our  other house trim

Today we started laying on the screen to test the color. We found a perfect match to our grey house color palette which was a really great option. More commonly used, though, is the darker screen which essentially is a transluscent back. We started laying on the grey colored screen but there was some disagreement on whether it was too light – so we went back out and got a sample of the darker one as well to try and come to a decision.

Here's a longer shot of the screen halfway up. You can pretty
easily tell the panels that have screen on them.

Here's the second color screen test going up. It is showing up pretty
transparent in this photo but in reality has more of a black tint.
We decided to go to go with the lighter grey which seemed to be a better fit with the rest of the house and has a custom look to it. We had to special-order the larger width for the remaining panels so we'll finish that up next weekend.

We also had lighting and a fan installed by the team that re-wired the house. We went with can lighting, the 4" cans, and installed six of them around the perimeter of the room.

The fan choice took quite some time to settle on - this was our second fan to go up - the first one was quite lovely in look, but didn't really push the air around like it should have. The current fan has a large span, 60", and is by Emerson.

The new can lighting and fan. The ceiling tiles were original to the house, and painted.
So, almost there! I'll post finished pics next weekend. Yay.

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