Monday, June 23, 2014

The Forever Garage

Hi friends,

It's obviously been forever and a day since I posted. This has been the never-ending project. I paused for a while because the contractor poured the driveway incorrectly. The specs for tinted driveways weren't followed, and in addition to that, they selected to pour it on a day before a big snow. Therefore, the driveway did not last. It started crusting and flaking within a week. Ensure a couple of months of pushback by the contractor, then finally, in April, a new driveway. I can't say driveway #2 is even perfect, but at this point it's "good enough" as we have given up!

It has not been a great experience with the contractor we chose – almost everything the contractor has done, has been done wrong, and then has been RE-done, miraculously, sometimes wrong again the second time! Sort of sad because I used to love blogging, but these people have just worn me down...

Here are a few pictures of where we are, just to stay somewhat caught up:

Oh how fun – the second driveway digging!
New driveway #2.
New door #1 – the door, I actually happen to love, so hopefully there will not be a door #2
– unless they happen to screw this up already installed!

First siding attempt (I told you they have done everything twice).

On this first round of siding, they overdid the nails, nailing them in a ceiling pattern instead.
Isn't it bizarre looking how many nails they decided to use? 

The good news is that we are nearing the end. I will post pics of the Round #2, completed siding, and other updates again, soon.

Have a great week!

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