Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week in Pictures - Updates

So this Garage Project will happen in 3 phases:

1) Phase 1 consists of structural, framing, new windows, doors siding, and roof... electrical and plumbing, burying the power lines outside and repaving the driveway, and exterior lighting. We are in the thick of this now!
2) Phase 2 consists of drywall, stair and railing finishes, additional interior lighting, and interior finishes — carpet (upstairs), epoxy (downstairs), kitchenette tiling, counters, cabinets and appliances...and bathroom tiling, toilet/vanity. We will complete this as soon as we're able after Phase 1.
3) Phase 3 consists of furnishings. We will also complete the cabinets and organization in the true garage portion in Phase 3.

Here's this week:

House wrapped, new roof and trim are up, and we're ready for siding 
This view shows the galley windows down the side – as well as the really low-hanging
power lines in front --- that won't be around for long!
It's been a long process to find the right corrugated metal product for siding...
The inside is newly framed – the stairs, the bathroom will be in the back through the door,
and the kitchenette will be down the right side of the photo 
Despite 3 dumpsters and all the work so far, no one has had the guts to remove the old toilet!
Pretty funny...
This is the "before" shot of the upstairs
We have now raised the ceiling up 1.5', still keeping the existing roofline, which will make
for a more open feeling space, especially once dry-walled

This is the "before" of the driveway and surrounding hardscaping around back, and down the side
Things have gone quick and the driveway is being demo-ed already
so that plumbing and electrical can be run, and the power line you saw above can be buried
Fun with mud. (Not really)

They only got halfway down the driveway on Friday, so the other half will happen tomorrow.

We've parked on the street for one day and our neighbor already backed into Mike's car :) Nothing that can't be fixed....

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