Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving Along

Who's ready for today's dose of beauty?

Here's where we are – new windows are in, doors are off!
Framing has begin on the inside - that's the future (and current) bathroom you're looking at there.
And the ladder is where the stairs used to be.
The pile of needles on the floor is from an animal's nest we found in the roof!
(Sans actual animals). And there's the old toilet – still hanging in there.
This is the front part of the garage, which has turned into a saw station.
Now onto the really pretty stuff. As the stairs are being rebuilt, I started looking around to see what you could do to make a really cool staircase. Unfortunately we can't do most of this given the existing structure, but thought I'd share these beauties anyway!

Dark wood stairs, glass panels as railing
Regular drywall stairs with ebony covering
Love these floating stairs with glass railing –
they require more engineering and structure than I have available
More floating pretties
Drywall with walnut on top, and a glass or plexi side
How cool are these for a more rustic space?
Dark modern railing
So many things I love here - the floating stairs, and the stainless cable railing
So what will we do? Remains to be decided, but one of the simpler drywall setups has to be the way it goes. Hoping for tight tolerances (no overhangs/lip on each stair) and to cover the top in a walnut or ebony wood. Maybe a plexi or glass railing, or a railing like the last 2 photos.

Who knew stairs could be so fun! (Yeah, well, it's Monday, after all...)

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