Monday, June 25, 2012

Little & Latest

Landscape Sunday 10 brought the spreading of our fourth (or maybe fifth) dump truck of mulch for the backyard, among other things:


You can see where this is going so I'll spare everyone more of the same — but suffice it to say that we were beyond dirty when done. I'm glad this is the last of the mulch for a while!

Mike's leg!


In more fun news, here are some of my favorite new additions to the house:

Even though we are not yet to the screen porch, I decided on the dining set. We went with a Eucalyptus table and two benches from West Elm, and then two lime green Verner Panton chairs (limited edition color that we almost lost out on!) for accents. 

Originally I thought I wanted 4 Panton chairs (and only 1 bench) but I decided it would have been lime overkill. 

Loving how this turned out! The floor will get painted a dark carbon gray, and
a seating area will be added as well on the remainder of the porch (not shown)

We've been adding a couple of trees a week in the yard but this is our new favorite – a "walking stick" tree. Love how it looks like a piece of sculpture!

The new backdoors are finally in, and stained the same color as the front door on the outsides. The inside of the den is painted the color of the room (a light gray):

Door off the den
The most fun part of the door off the den was getting to place this birch wood mat which
we'd bought in Blowing Rock over a year ago— with no idea where we'd use it at the time

And here's the door off the kitchen, which was stained the same color as the cabinets

Given the upcoming holiday I thought it was fun to show the
photograph we hung on the wall here — "4th of July"  by Ellen Faircloth McCall
(a talented photographer that I also happened to go to grade school with!)
Close up...

Happy 4th to everyone! 

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