Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Landscape Saturday 7-8 (Maybe 9 too, I lost count!)

Even though I'm So.Over.Yardwork.Saturday I just updated the "Then & Now" link and I realized that our backyard used to look like this:

And now it looks like this:

This actually blew my mind. Don't get me wrong, we have been working super-hard back there, but you forget where you started, and it's NICE TO SEE SOME PROOF!

Just for fun, previously the front yard:

Currently the front yard:



The latest project in the backyard is kind of boring stuff but here are some pics of the LAST messy area of the backyard we are working clearing out before planting. This may not look impressive but this yard was so overgrown I don't even know how to explain. (Well, I guess I do, you saw the top picture.)

BEFORE – look how many vines and weeds are going up the tree, and on the right
NOW – cleared out on the tree, and actually some visibility on the right side
(getting there involved a ladder and a lot of vine-pulling —
these monster vines had just choked out the trees...)
BEFORE – notice all the junk in front
NOW – and how you can now see the stairs (not that they are great stairs or that anything even really
looks good right now -- everything still needs work -- but we are just glad it's clear so we can start over!)

As of now, I think we're pretty much on hold in the backyard until planting season comes back around again this fall and we can continue landscaping. Which is great, because I am 100% certain that my body is officially tapped out on the yard. I have poison ivy on both arms and legs, and to compound that, this is insult to injury (warning - not for queasy stomachs):
Some sort of bug bite or plant incision - they couldn't even really tell at the doctor but safe to say I went on a lot of meds. This is me lying down on the doctor's table, about to pass out from looking at this gross thing.

Moving on.....

In indoor news, this is for those of you who remember this pink beauty of a bathroom:

We have made some progress in there lately and it now currently looks like this:
Will send more detailed pics once complete, but glad we're moving along.

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend. We are taking a break from the house this weekend to spend some time with Mike's dad and family, and some good friends. Also sending a big huge shout out to my Dad (the one up there in the tree) for all his hard work helping us get to where we are!!

Lots happening on the decorating front in the next few weeks, so check back...

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