Monday, March 26, 2012

DWR Sale Day

Hi everyone,

So, little by little our furnishings are trickling in... we took advantage of the DWR semi-annual sale a couple of weeks ago and finally pulled the trigger on a couple of things.

The Sussex Credenza, which we've both been wanting for, oh maybe, 5 years... ordered the 4-door version in Wenge!

In place in our dining room:

Delivery day was an exciting day in the Basham household. And due to a shipping snafu, they even took off the regular shipping we paid for, and comped the White Glove delivery service for free. Translation, no assembly required, and no trying to figure out how to dispose of a box big enough to hold a 300-lb sideboard!

Were originally thinking the Cherner chairs (left above) would go well with this new setup.
Love the lines on those, particularly the arm chairs.

However, after seeing the sideboard in place, thinking the wood might be too much... now leaning towards a softer yet structured leather chair maybe like the Eames chair (above, right) but in a buttery caramel color.

But whatever this is, it is way down the road!

A shot of the other corner of the dining room—
the only other spot that has been paid attention to


The other fun purchase from DWR was this clock from George Nelson. Mike has been talking about this clock since the day we set out on our own atomic ranch adventure, and I hesitated b/c it was a little over-the-top-atomic — but I have to admit, I love it in our kitchen!

And I mean, who could deny someone this much happiness over a clock?!


And a quick note back to barstools....

Originally we ordered a barstool called the Onda stool back in December from DWR. We got frustrated with the timeframe it took to manufacture and ship them from Spain. So we cancelled the order, and I spent about a month making what must have been a very significant dent in searching the barstool landscape of America. And now I've decided maybe I should have been patient...because I'm back to the Onda.

So back to DWR to pick up the only one they have in-store, which is the orange and white. Here it is on approval in the kitchen:

I am not loving the orange with the white for our kitchen, but I do love the lines of the stool.
This kitchen is not ours, but is on the DWR web site and looks eerily like ours.
It shows the stool in a taupe. 
Sold, Onda stools in taupe going on order tomorrow! Then I have 12-14 weeks to be patient, again, this time....

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