Sunday, March 11, 2012

Decor Fun / This Week

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend~ I'm posting a few pics of some Norton Road updates this week.

Our wine bar backsplash is completed, really giving this area a finished look:
Same white glass backsplash as in the rest of the kitchen
The new kitchen table is in – a great find from Crate&Barrel that happens to match our perimeter countertops in color:

In place in the kitchen...
...Paired it with the vintage lucite chairs we already had
The Artemis fan we've had for a while was unpacked and installed in the master (Mike is a big fan of a fan :)) Nice to see this again, I love the movement it has without actually even being on.

And last but definitely not least our first rug arrived and was installed in the den. We found a brand called Fibreworks that was recommended to us by 2 designers. We chose solid wool for it's hand, durability, and clean look.  

Decided to go the extra mile here and have Circa custom cut it, including around the fireplace.
The thought is that it brings the FP into the usable space of the room instead of sectioning it off.
Of course...

Within 24 hours one of our cats had used the new rug as their new scratching post (groan). While we were able to repair the damage, the cat was still marched promptly to the vet Saturday morning to get "Soft Paws" applied, which are basically Lee Press on Nails that cover the sharp parts of her claws. We'll see how this little experiment goes~

Picture from the web site, not my cat. Ours are just clear although she is totally getting pink next time!
And in what might be the most exciting news of the week (accordingly to yours truly), the Design Within Reach Semi-Annual sale is ON! Mike and I have been considering a few DWR purchases for a while, and held out for this sale. We went to the local location today to assess our list and decide what to buy. Post to come this week once we place the order...

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