Friday, January 20, 2012

Little + last weekend

Our kitchen floors are being (re)refinished this week for the second time –– They are looking great and are almost complete! I'll post pics over the weekend... In the meantime, here are some small things that made me really happy last weekend:

1) Getting our vapor barrier down, so there is no moisture on the windows. (No pic as that would be terribly boring!)

2) Starting to put on the doorknobs! Loving these cool doorknobs that it took so long to find. Got about halfway through the doors last Saturday:

3) Driving home to fun new Eichler-esque house numbers, they really add a lot to the front:

4) The cleaned out back yard:

[ Even though you probably think these pictures are horrifying, let me remind you that we started here.... at least now there is a clean slate from which to work!]


5) the beautiful orchid that our friends Mike and Betsy left on our doorstop last Friday night. What a lovely sight to come home to!

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