Monday, January 9, 2012

Found Lighting, Art, and Finally a Bathroom

It's been a long and memorable road to get to the master bathroom...

I remember we started here:

Left side, previously

Right side, previously

Then did the demo...

...Then figured out the floor was rotted, and had to completely rebuild...

After the rebuild, here we are with the shower and mirror installed, finally~

Left side now (same angle as the first picture in the post was taken from)

Right side now, with vanities and mirror to the ceiling
Really, really happy with how everything turned out!

And, after some research by Mike, if anyone needs a good grout cleaner - is seriously where to go...


So, just as we thought, unpacking surprises has been fun after so long of having our stuff moved around in boxes.

We found this Giogali chandelier, purchased about 3 years ago at the Design Within Reach outlet in Palm Springs, that we never took out of the box. Each piece is hand-blown Murano Glass that they'd packed individually. You assemble them all together in whatever shape you like. Since ours was a floor model we were missing a few pieces, but I don't think you can tell....

Here it is in someone else's house (although incidentally with the table we own)

And here it is –– happily found and installed on our first night (dining room)

Other lighting bought and put in:

Le Klint pendant

Bad pic, but shown in the front hall by the door
And a contemporary track light that you curve as you like, which works well for our long hallway

It's been exciting to get all the fun stuff unpacked, which for me is the art. We have so little furniture right now, it's hard to figure it all out. But I'm sort of planning the rooms around this stuff so we'll build from there.
Going in front hallway (with the front door and Le Klint light shown above)

TBD on destination, possibly our bedroom

Either over mantle or elsewhere in the living room

Probably a strong accent in the long otherwise all-white hallway


Will get framed for the den
Will get framed for the dining room

And a new one that I gave Mike for his bday yesterday — our old neighborhood in Santa Monica!

In other news, we got the pots and pans for the induction cooktop yesterday (thanks to my inlaws for the Christmas present!) and Mike is reporting a boil time of 90 seconds on the pot of water, so we're not only impressed but very happy to be cooking again...

Also, trying to move forward in finalizing the window shade order tomorrow:

We went with solar shades in the kitchen and den, in a very pale grey with a tiny weave pattern. Not the right color, but this is the idea. It's a more contemporary look to a drape:

Then went with a clean white linen Roman shade in the bedrooms and baths, since we need more privacy there (similar to the idea below)

The window treatments are one item I didn't really over-shop around. Smith + Noble seemed to have a nice assortment, if you order a bunch they give you a good discount, and I just need to get something on so I'm sort of desperate.

Whatever happens, it will be a nice replacement to the packing paper and painters tape currently over our windows :)

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