Thursday, December 8, 2011

Worth every penny + more

That's how I feel about the new front door :)
A little premature to post but I was too excited not to.

When I pulled up to the house today the old door had already been removed...
I was immediately sent out for hinges before I got to work (luckily the local hardware had stainless hinges in stock!)...

Sidelites were busted out shortly afterwards

The old frame was pulled out
View from the front, ready for clean up

The frame then was rebuilt
Current view from the inside – Door slab is in, with wood installed in place of sidelites
I go pick out glass tomorrow, and am working on my stain color in conjunction with the hardwood floor color. And even though I got a ton of heckling from the crew about the choice of hardware (that's your doorknob? Are you sure it isn't a towel rack?) I can't wait to see it go in.

To be continued....

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