Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Week in Photos

Hope everyone is having a great week! Here's a quick snapshot of our week, in pictures, from Norton Road:

Tile finished in the guest bathroom (floor)
and shower...(Discovered this cool metal edging that is a more contemporary alternative to bullnosed edges)
The hardwood floor refinisher came to do a first pass on the kitchen floors before the cabinets arrive. If you remember, the kitchen floors are the ones that had the old linoleum on top of them. And getting the glue up provided to be quite the challenge for this poor guy...So much so, that his machine broke (!!)
We won't be seeing him again until it's repaired...(or maybe ever?!)

Our new laundry room was prepped for tile and got its new ceiling in, and the W+D were ordered along with other appliances (energy star tax free weekend ~ yeah!)

The garage, which as it's "phase 2" gets no real love right now, did at least get a fresh coat of paint on it's BADLY peeling doors...
New paint
Previous - amazing what a bit of paint can do.
Think we'll at least replace that strange light, too.
Sheetrock sanding began, not much to show but nonetheless long-awaited and a good sign:

There has been a big amount of detail planning in the master bath, which now has it's new doorway and new floor (new floor courtesy of previously-inhabiting termites who had the last one for lunch)

And I have renamed the den Saw Central because that's about all that's happened in there lately!

The only thing this doesn't cover is the ongoing debate between members of the work team regarding us moving in (or not) by the end of the year. I'm going to join "Team Positive" for now....I like a good cause...

Couple good projects slated for this weekend, so more soon...

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