Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for progress (among other things of course) !

As we hit the holidays this week, here's a look back at where we were — almost 3 months ago — and where we are now.

THEN — front of house...
...and gable

NOW— after new roof, new gutters, new paint, and one guy on a bobcat ripping out the entire front yard.
replanted one little baby japanese maple and 7 million mondo grass bulbs.
TO COME — more landscaping, new railing, and a fabulous new front door :)

Gable was torn off with new hip roof added on, and an image of the new front door dropped in

THEN— back of house / screen porch

NOW— (I actually think we've gotten paint since this where you see the walls just primed here). TO COME — still need actual screen, doors, and to lose the handicap ramp—although it has been quite handy during construction. A platform deck will eventually go in the space off the porch where the ramp currently is.
THEN — guest bath
NOW – favorite part: the cute little shelving niche on the left in the foreground. TO COME — floating vanity shelf, stainless vessel sink, toilet, mirror, and of course paint...
...and this will get frameless shower doors to the ceiling
THEN – paneled den...
...with fireplace and bookshelves (shown mid-way with holes drilled for speakers)
NOW — repaired paneling, fireplace modernized, room is primed, waiting on some sleek new bookcase doors and a good paint job. Going with a light platinum color throughout.

THEN — kitchen — floor and cabinets removal in progress shown here...
...and breakfast nook portion of kitchen
NOW — awaiting cabinets + island (Friday!), appliances, etc...
...And breakfast nook will get a banquette extending off of the other cabinets, and our round marble table
THEN — powder room
NOW — still have plenty to do in here, but at least it isn't pink!
THEN — master bath
(master bath)
(master bath)
NOW — after demolition, gutting, and rebuilding. There is a new tub deck on the left, and a shower in the back...
...with a river rock shower floor
...toilet and double vanity will go here on the right

NEW AREA — We added a bar space off of the kitchen and backdoor entryway...
...which leads into the den. The smaller doorway you see here to the right of the bar is the laundry room entry...
...and the laundry room got slate tile today. Ready for venting next.
THEN — this was our backyard earlier this week, it looks like a hurricane site
NOW — Found this guy on Craig's List to clear out the whole thing with his Bobcat. He's currently rolling along back there with my Dad supervising. Apparently he was "frustrated" when he saw the amount of junk to pull out, so I'm glad I got my estimate confirmed in email!

At this point we are a month away from move-in (note: not completion, but good enough for now!) Thanks go out to all our family, and everyone else, who have helped us through our project!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! Will post again after the weekend...

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