Sunday, October 2, 2011

Color me Crazy

We have been quiet on the blog front this week mainly because it has taken a week to not find the "perfect shade of gray" for the house. Here's a recap of the search:
Thursday (a.m.)
Thursday (p.m.)
(See how different the same colors look in different light?!
They also look different on different sides of the house, compounding the insanity...)

Friday (a.m.)
Friday (p.m.) - on top of primer
Thanks to my mother-in-law. both of my parents, and our friend Ken Browder for your help in weighing in! Also thanks to the really pretty house on the corner of Queens Road W and Norton whose property I trespassed with my fan deck trying to guess what perfect shade of greige THEIR house was (still wondering).

$100 in paint samples later, we took the weekend off, went to Hilton Head for some time with Mike's family, and met back at the house today with yet another consultant and friend, Dick Klingman. Along with Dick we are agreed on a "darker variation" of #3, shown above. So, tomorrow I will go to Benjamin Moore, see if they can custom mix #3 darker [without it going blue or green, which has been the challenge so far]. Let's hope so.

In more progressive news, we did get the new roof on the house this week and here are the guys doing the work. Will post the finished roof (hopefully with paint!) pics this week...

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