Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6 Weeks + Counting (up, not down)

We are officially at the 6 week mark of ownership and still smiling (well, most of the time anyway!)
Here are some updates on the rooms getting the most interior work~

Living room:
Tray ceiling with can lights is in and ready for paint. (RIP green shag carpet, so sad I know)
Wine bar, laundry area, + den:

Also lit and ready for paint (ok, and maybe some walls and some hard core TLC)...
We've learned that the drywall process consists of:

1) measuring
2) cutting
3) gluing
4) pressing + drilling
 And that it takes a million zillion times longer in real life than it just took you to read that!

The kitchen currently looks like this:

And, many consultations later (tough planning due to only one really usable wall), we have finalized that it will look like this:

The guest bathroom currently (still) looks like this:
But is awaiting tile—on order! I hope it's walls are on order, too ;)
The master bathroom currently looks like this:

And then the plan is below — after repair to water damage, floor rot, and a lot else to get through—but nevertheless plumbing, measuring and details, details are in progress...

Happy hump day tomorrow. More updates soon~

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