Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bedroom – Getting There

Last we left the bedroom, there wasn't much to see. But we've had some smaller updates in the bedroom over the past couple of months, so thought I'd post.

It's a large room and we started with a lot of bare floor so have been thinking of carpet options since we moved in. Mike has always really wanted a shag so we went in that direction. I did a ton of research on shags and found some good things and bad things, namely them shedding and crushing in shape. We decided to go with a synthetic so it would hold up well, and it has more options for cleaning.

Chose Karastan's shag carpet, in an off-white. So far so good.
We have an existing bed that we'd like to replace with a beautiful platform, but it's too much to replace right now as lowering the bed height affects the bedside tables and lamps as well and that's more than we're willing to get into at the moment. Plus, we got the lamps below as a wedding gift from family and really are fond of them. 

Pair of Simon Pearce glass lamps
Our favorite new purchase for the bedroom was this vintage Curtis Jeré sculpture. You'll see these sculptures in many mid-century and post-modern homes.

Sculpture in the background, from Mad Men
Another one, from Mad Men

They sell reproductions of these now at places like Jonathan Adler, however with art my motto is always the real deal. Luckily we ran across a vintage Curtis Jeré in Atlanta a few months back.

A vintage find – Curtis Jeré from 1969

Here is the sculpture, with the new rug and existing furniture, all together:

Not pictured is the entry wall holding our long dresser, but off to the right of this frame near the bathroom door are the 3 "red" photos as I call them – prints from a design photoshoot for Forham University during my NYC days years ago. They tie into the only other bit of color in the room, the red Unison Home pillow on the bed.

If you look closely, you can see the Twin Towers in the middle
photo of the Manhattan skyline. Pretty cool.

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