Sunday, August 12, 2012

Long Awaited Love

The long awaited Onda counter stools have finally arrived and I am happy to report that they did not disappoint!

I literally spent days upon days looking online for stools—we really wanted just the right look in the kitchen and knew it needed to be something contemporary, yet elegant. I found the Onda stool early in the search from Design Within Reach back in December, and placed the order, but the lead time was 16-18 weeks from Spain.

In our impatience to get something quicker we cancelled the order after the new year. About 12 weeks after that, we decided to RE-order [of course by that time the first order would have been in if we'd stuck it out!]

Even though I was about to pull my hair out at hindsight, it's been worth it.

Onda Stool, by Jesus Gasca for Stua
Our three in the kitchen
They have a matte white back, matte taupe front, and stainless legs 
The final touch to complete our kitchen!

In other fun news, we moved a piano into our living room a couple of weeks back. It's a baby grand and was generously passed down from my in-laws. I called Modern Piano Moving to go get the piano and bring it down from Connecticut — they are nationally based but were recommended by a local store here in Charlotte. The whole process took about a month and was pretty seamless.

Modern Piano arrives to Norton Road
The guys rolling it up carefully on the sidewalk 

Unpacking it

And done!

In hindsight, I wish we'd turned it the other way so that the curved back part faced out, like this:

Although, his is Jennifer Aniston's house and clearly much more well designed than mine! :)

But it's going to take an afternoon with three strong guys here to experiment with that plan...

The piano is going to live in our living room, but we're making that room more of a 'music room' by moving in Mike's guitars too — so we'll actually use the space, instead of having a room nobody ever goes in. I have been doing lots of searching on furniture/next steps in the living room and will post about that soon.

But in the meantime, I'll be calling a tuner and seeing if any of those years of lessons stuck with me!

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