Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Landscape Saturday, Part 2

Last Saturday was Easter weekend...
We decided to tackle this monstrous section of the backyard instead!

When the first bobcat came through we'd originally left this area overgrown as a hiding tactic, because the paint on the garage is peeling so badly in the background.

As well there are a bunch of other issues here, not the least of which is that there
is street light in our backyard, ha (which unbelievably we are billed for each month by the power company)
10 feet of limbs down to the street later...
...and a pile of bricks and cinderblocks dragged out of the yard
(in prep for the tractor guy this week)...
and what this got us is....a better view of the peeling side of the garage - awesome!
(painter called this week to quote)

My brother and sis-in-law were in town and it was so nice of them to help spread half of the 75 bags of mulch you see in the background, into new beds in the front:

William, Amanda, and Mike...

...their finished mulch and edging work on the beds in the front, now awaiting grass planting
Well deserved beer break~

And in inside news, our window shades came in ... 3 botched tries, and 4 months later!

These are solar shades from Smith & Noble – we ordered them for every window in the house.
 They let in sunlight during the day but are almost completely opaque at night.
We are really happy with how (FINALLY) they turned out...
although I have to say it was a bumpy road. 

 Other small and new:
Cool new paper towel holder, and orange toaster – had to get mentioned :)
The glass shelves....finally up in the guest bathroom
(another view)
And the long-backordered new light from Artemide – in the guest bedroom!

Happy week everyone~

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