Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well hello again

So sorry it's been so long, as has been pointed out :)...Mike and I were OOT last weekend, but are geared up for some progress this week around here~

I don't have much to show in the form of pictures but there has been a ton, ton of planning going on. It's hard to find the stuff we like so readily here (not to mention it's usually after 8 pm when we are able to start looking!) so I am spending evenings stalking my favorite sites online and posting to pinterest.

Here's my current interiors inspiration board:

This helps me keep a visual picture of everything, and links it to the site it came from, so I can easily come back to things when I'm ready to move forward on something.

The "punch list" stuff on our house interior still is out there to be completed. Our construction crew has been busy on another job and hasn't yet been able to wrap up our job yet. In the meantime we've gotten about as far as we can get (well, inside, the yard is a whole other story) on getting things "finished" up, construction-wise, without them. We've been working on fixtures, knobs, handles, organizing devices, etc — all finishing touches.

The master and guest bathrooms got their final lighting this week with these vanity lights:
wrapped wire over mirrored glass
installed into the bigger mirror (ignore my temporary "windowshade" you're seeing in the reflection there!)
also happy to have drawer pulls finally on, and new drawer organizers :) 
The guest bathroom was a bit trickier... Finally, after ordering 3 other fixtures and returning them, I found what I thought was the perfect solution to the guest bath:
this is actually a slim picture light that nicely echoes the shapes in the faucet. 

but when mike tried to install it, we realized the plate on the back of it was smaller
than the box in the wall. meaning it couldn't go on.
my dad had a great creative idea to go to lowe's and buy a cheap fixture
with a bigger plate, just to get a new plate from it
so here's the light installed with the alternate plate 

Now that this bathroom is done it's time to address the little powder room off our kitchen....
For ages I've been waiting on the vanity I ordered to get off of backorder:

And as you can probably see it has a marble top and I eventually
started feeling like we might have marble overkill in the house.
About the same time I started having second thoughts about the previous idea, I found this little piece of visual heaven ♥
floating vanity with metallic something behind it - still trying to figure that out
And we started thinking this is what the powder room needs to be inspired by.
We already have slate tile on the floor, and previously bought 2 of these lights and this faucet:

Which I still think will work quite well with the new vanity setup ... ll of this is **IF** we can find out how to get that cool metallic wall look ...

In other news we ordered a rug for the den and some furniture for the kitchen (more on that later) ... and later this week we are working on the guest bedroom decor, getting a countertop on our wine bar (finally), and prepping all the windows in the house for the new solar shades, which have arrived.

Time to see some action, and I'll post accordingly!

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